Original Stock ROM backup WITHOUT root?

The ultimate method for getting your phone back to stock is to flash a factory image. This reverts your phone almost to the state it was in when you first unboxed it. All you need to do afterward is lock the bootloader, and your device will be completely factory fresh. Debuted almost a decade ago as the reaction against the commercialization of CyanogenMod, the OmniROM project is still alive and kicking. While the ROM doesn’t have a huge device roster, the project is known for its stability and a host of innovative features. Apart from phones, the custom ROM also supports single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi 4 and the Khadas VIM3. Well, in such cases, you will require a Stock Firmware for your device.

  • Once the upload process completes, you can restore the full backup anytime.
  • But at least you will get your device back to the working condition, what else could you ask for.
  • This guide will cover the backup for messages, call logs, contacts, files, images, videos, files, and apps.
  • If you’re a stock Android enthusiast and want to experience vanilla Android just like on Google’s own Pixel devices, then you should definitely check out the Pixel Experience project.
  • Currently, there is no way to backup Android SMS by syncing them with Google.
  • SP flash tool which is also known as Smart Phone flash tool is a cross-platform application.

Keep in mind, though, that flashing ROMs usually voids your phone’s warranty. In some limited cases, a bad flash can “brick” your device, meaning to make it inoperable. We recommend that only people who are technically inclined try to flash ROMs on their devices, as it can be tricky. For everyone else, we recommend finding a phone for sale that already has a stock Android experience.

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These ROMs typically provide more functionality and features than the stock Android OS. They’re also generally customizable and provide new features. A good place to learn about ROMs is XDA Developers Forum. You can also try CyanogenMod’s ROM or Fresh 3.5, which provides a similar experience to the default experience and incorporates over-the-air updates. Our open-source apps are here to help you get through the day. Android developers will turn any device into the perfect device for apps development thanks to enhanced tools and

  • Before getting started, a few things are to be considered.
  • Below I have shown you two methods to flash Stock firmware on the Huawei P30 smartphone.
  • This is where you can flash a custom ROM and experience the full potential of your device.
  • It comes pre-installed in your device by the manufacturer when you purchase it.
  • Xiaomi’s ROMs are designed with the latest technology and optimized for performance and battery life.

Along the same lines, you may also use the boot.img from the backed up firmware, patch it via Magisk and flash it via Fastboot to obtain root. So without any further delay, let’s start off with the download the stock firmware guide to backup your MediaTek firmware using SP Flash Tool.

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